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Winter 2016 Tenney Times 

Welcome to a New Year! I invite you, and hope you’ll join me in wishing 2016 is a kinder, gentler year ahead. May this New Year bring hope, health & happiness and positive progress to our Association.

Two members have “joined forces” to track down answers to a 2009 inquiry on Albert and brother Melvin Tenney. Between them they have found census, cemetery and military records that may further identify the brothers and their line. Great sleuthing George & Roger!

Our Aussie members, wrote to advise they spent last November in the States, mostly in Texas. We weren’t able to catch up with them, but they did visit members in Arizona. Seems everyone thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

Received a post on the passing of Harold E. Tenney. Hope to hear from the family for additional information.

Member Robert submitted a very nice letter mentioning his grandfather Myron O. Tenney, Robert’s interest in the Lincolnshire Tenney’s and a copy of the article about Romaine Tenney’s (1900-1964) tragic story from Yankee Magazine March/April 2013 issue. He also mentioned his 2013 trip to Mendon VT and that he could not find any Tenney’s still living in the Rutland/Mendon area. Where did all the Tenney’s go? Will work on getting Romaine’s story in a future Tenney Times.

Also heard back from Scott M. regarding his research on Henrietta M. Tenney who in 1904 may have owned property in an area of Arlington, which later became Fairlington where Scott grew up. Our research continues to hit “brick walls” so if anyone has info that may help, please contact me.

Karen expressed interest in researching her Tenney connection to Charlemagne. She has documented her lineage back using Volume I of the 2004 Tenney Family History and is now working to fill as many gaps as she can. If anyone can be of assistance, please contact me.

Although the holidays are behind us, thanks goes out to all of you that sent Christmas cards, annual family letters, phone calls, personal writings and holiday greetings. I thoroughly enjoy catching up on family events, watching the “kids” growing up and learning how “life” is going – even the heart-breaking events. Thank you so much for sharing your joys and sorrows!

Fall 2015 Tenney Times 

An interesting website was provided titled 2015 “Butterfly Big Year” weekly report #29: The Northern States (www.butterflybigyear.net/big-year-2015 ). Received a copy of a member’s book “The Story of One Stockbridge Boy’s Service During World War II”, a wonderful memoir of dedicated service by a Tenney family Received newly “discovered” Heaton lineage info, which is also tied to a novel being written “inspired by the life of Elizabeth Tenney”, Thomas’ sister – very exciting! A member located Civil War era cemetery info on a Le Tenney and obits for William Arthur Tenney, Sr. and Clyde Tenney, along with a resource link (https://news.google.com/newspapers ) that appears to have ALOT of information.

Assistance has been requested confirming a Tinney line and offer to work on submitting updates; another member is starting to document her lineage research. Received lineage by another descendant of Elizabeth Tenney and her daughter Hannah Wilmot (something tells me I need to revisit Elizabeth’s file!). Members have sent additional lineage info including correspondence to Historical Societies; and a family tree, which includes all the family surname crests, fascinating! Thanks to all for your contributions, leads and suggestions.

Received updates regarding research on a Boynton line. Our “proof-reader” has been busy working on reviewing the 2004 books – this month Volume 3 (Thomas, Jr.) – thanks for keeping me “honest”!

Received inquiries regarding the location of Josiah, Moses & Thomas graves and questions regarding the Association. Member assistance allowed us to respond to a Face book post regarding the Levi Tenney House in Salado TX – looking forward to hearing from them soon.

Was contacted by a granddaughter of Maxine Tenney Reoh requesting assistance in identifying family pictures found in one of Maxine’s photo album. Thanks to several members efforts we are determining family lineage and working on identifying the photos – one of which may be Oliver Bush Tenney! If you are part of the Daniel Tenney/Charlotte Rand & Daniel’s sibling’s Meshach & Shadrach Tenney lines, please contact me. See “Can You Help?” We need help identifying this family’s pictures!

Summer 2015 Tenney Times  

Received an interesting analysis article on First Church of Christ Bradford’s Covenant originally written by Rev. Hoadly circa 1832. Received news that the storm-damaged tree in OBBG was removed and that the OBBG Nomination for National Register is on the May 2nd pending list. Good News! Also received news about a Tornado touching down in Upshur County, WVA – although some Tenney’s had property damage, we did learn that most of the area is OK – glad to hear!

An interesting article posted on Facebook from NorthJersey.com regarding adoption of the overseas grave of WWI Soldier Levi Sanderson Tenney, Jr. I’ll be contacting the Historical Society to assist with their research. Levi’s lineage is located in Volume II.

Association President advised May 22 that she has been featured in the major national magazine “Conde Nast Traveller”, article is titled “Outsource Your Anxiety” (pg 74), haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but knowing our president, should be a great read! Kudos! Association Treasurer forwarded photo images taken by a family member of a book titled “Tenney’s Geology. 

Two Hundred And Fifty Engravings” by Sanborn Tenney, published in 1874. Lineage information on Professor Sanborn Tenney is located in Volume II. In researching the inquiry I haven’t found info on this particular book and am looking forward to learning more about it.

Received inquiries regarding Henrietta M. Tenney owning land circa 1900 in VA, we’re working on identifying Henrietta. A daughter of Virgil Ray Tenney, Sr. offered assistance with family lineage. Still hoping to hear from the Mighell family soon. Our resident “proof-reader” has sent in more corrections for Volume I and is now proofing Volume III for us – Thanks!

Received obits and lineage info on Solomon Haskin Tenney & spouse Sarah Babcock Thomas, Ivan Douglas Tenney, Macil Earl Tenney, Anna Catherine Tenney, Harriet Roberts Tenney and Terry Lee Tenney; also obits for Phillip Lee Tenney & wife Maxine. Thanks to both members for their efforts in tracking down info to add to our files!

Spring 2015 Tenney Times  

During the first quarter of 2015, we’ve received updates and inquiries regarding progress on member DAR applications and requesting assistance with research; seeking information on Tenney Library and Town history; and a Mighell family researcher seeking info on Ann! This inquiry is of great interest to our English Tenney project and I am very excited to establish correspondence with him! Was also contacted by a wonderful proofreader – she found several “boo-boo’s” in Volume 1 and very eloquently pointed them out to me – Thanks for your keen eye!

Received notification of two new members – Welcome to you both! I’ll be in touch soon! Our favorite Aussie’s wrote that all is well “down under” and that they will be stateside in November, but will unfortunately miss this year’s reunion. Members provided additional lineage info – more twigs on the tree! Info regarding the closing and sale of the Hannah Tenney Memorial Church in New Hampshire – such a shame to lose another Tenney building; also detailed info on Rockingham Farm, NH, Hannah’s marriages into the Tenney Family and Woodbury genealogy. Great info. Thanks! Also word of an AZ family member receiving Heritage Academy Honors – Congrats!

One of our most regular contributors continues to successfully locate Tenney lines through his research – he has located obits and lineage info on Luman Tenney Jones, William Munroe/Munroe Tenney, Marion L. Tenney, and Lucian Philo Tenney. Can’t thank him enough for all his efforts in tracking down info to add to our files!

Received info on “The Global Family Reunion” being held at New York Hall of Science in New York City 6 Jun 2015. This is an opportunity to deepen understanding of DNA and genetic past. If anyone is interested in attending or learning more, please contact me for additional details.

A Tenney Family friend has announced the release of book one in her series “The Courtship of Lizzie Andrews”. The books “reveal an intimate chronicle of a young couple’s romantic courtship that began in 1850. Lizzie Andrews is just 14 years old when she receives her first letter from Edward Jarvis Tenney, a 16 year old Harvard scholar and third cousin”. Note: some of the letters can be found in Volume 2. Our friend has graciously offered a complimentary copy of book one “Will You Write to Me?” and I am looking forward to reading it! Will keep you posted.

Work continues on the English Tenney’s Project. As mentioned in the last newsletter, we are focusing on the Mighill connection (which is why I’m so glad to hear from a family rep mentioned above). We are researching English Church records, scouring County & Parish locations and I’ve been data entering lineage info. No “Ah” moments yet but we keep searching, and so it goes…

Big News!!!!!!! Our hard working members and friends have announced that the National Register of Historic Places Commission has approved OBBG!!!!! All their hard work and persistence has come to fruition! It is believed that a formal letter is pending of the nomination being forwarded to the National Park Service in DC for listing in the NRHP. A great big KUDOS to all who worked so long and hard to achieve. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!

Further news regarding OBBG – the storm damage from last Sep continues to be serious – trees and broken branches are threatening headstones and the poison ivy is coming back. Volunteers are being called upon to help maintain the grounds. So far First Church of Christ Bradford and the Boy Scouts have offered their assistance in the Clean-up effort. In addition, still seeking quotes for tree trimming/removal and work with Peterson Landscaping. Peterson Landscaping has been caring for OBBG for many years now, donating their maintenance services – but they need financial support in order to continue. The OBBG Team is also looking into possible grants to financially assist. The Association needs to step up our support as well. If you are able to get to OBBG, please contact us to volunteer. If you are not on the East Coast – please, please open your checkbook and donate dollars! We must continue to keep OBBG in excellent condition. Thank you to everyone who has stepped up so far and to those of you I know will come forward.

And before I jump off the “soap box” there is another issue of importance – in the last newsletter, the Treasurer’s article on selection of the Annual Special Project – well, to date, no one has responded with suggestions. Last year’s SP continued to be Maintenance of the Archives. For this year I am suggesting OBBG Maintenance. Please take a moment to submit your suggestion or preference as soon as possible. We really need and want your input!

Winter 2015 Tenney Times  

Since the July Tenney Times issue, we have received inquiries, sharing and questions from many Tenney cousins regarding such topics as Mineral Rights through Chesapeake Company in WVA (has anyone else been contacted?); Elizabeth (Tenney) Heaton and Great Limber (from a descendant of Elizabeth!); “Aunt Nina’s” letter to her family; a response to an Ancestry.com posting (anyone familiar with a posting?); surname spelling changes; lineage including “grandpa Ralph’s” pictures and from a wonderful lady, who we had the pleasure of meeting at the 2014 Reunion in Rowley, submitting her Tenney lines (all 3!). Thank you for contacting us and I am looking forward to sharing additional info with you all!

Members, not to be left out, forwarded updates and news of family events including a granddaughter’s plans for the 2020 Olympics and announcement of “more twigs on the family tree”, Congrats! Updated/corrected lineage info at the reunion and some of Jerome B. Tenney’s military info which will be forthcoming soon. More info on Evergreen Cemetery and homestead pictures from the 2013 West Family Reunion. Following last year’s reunion, a “Rowley 350” license plate was located and obtained – good eye! Also located excerpts of articles on Nathan & Mary (Carleton) Tenney line, Rowley Town Records of birth/baptisms – listing includes second generation surnames Tenney, Jewett, Haseltine, Stickney, Hopkinson, Parratt, Carleton, Mighill & Boynton; and NE Marriages Prior to 1700 listing Tenney marriages; and an article on Francis Tenny’s missionary and military service in both the US and Japan. Sure appreciate all the info!

Other contacts include follow-up inquiry with updates on Anna Sariah “Minnie” Tenney. Announcement of completion of a member DAR application. “Find-A-Grave” file info on Byfield Cemetery and an update on OBBG book plans. Thanks for sharing!

Archival obits were submitted for Maxine Audrey Amundrud Tenney, Albert “Leigh Tenney, Della I. Ulrich Tenney, Wanda Evon Tenney Chenoweth, Paul R. Tenney & Wilma Tenney). Also received Anniversary, Marriage & Death Announcement articles and weblink listing obits from the Star Beacon; an 1817 article on the Bellona Gunpowder Co. explosion; obits & family info on Peter Tenney & sister Nancy Tenney Coffield; and weblink listing of Tenney Veterans from legacy.com. Good sleuthing!

More inquiries/comments on DNA topics have been received. On another note, interest in DNA projects is growing – rapidly – almost every Genealogical publication regularly includes articles regarding the value of DNA analytics for genealogical purposes, some even surmising that DNA technology, already an important tool, will become a “necessary validation step” in the very near future (Ref Article: “Where Will the Field of Genealogy be in 2024?” by David E. Rencher, AG, CG. FIGRS, FUGA; NGS Magazine. Vol. 40, No. 2; Apr-Jun 2014). If you are interested in learning more, sharing your expertise, implementing a Tenney DNA study project or participating, please let us know.

Did anyone attend the Mary Williams Exhibition in October at Florence Griswold Museum in CT? Would love to hear all about it!

In other “news” – Results of the Mighill/Mighell consultation session with another expert in July were received in September. Her expertise and thorough review of member research to-date suggests our focus continue with the Mighill line, particularly with Ann’s brother & sister-in-law and Yorkshire records. An interesting observation noted was the belief that Thomas and Ann probably married in or near Rowley MA, not England, and that there may be no surviving record of their marriage. Armed with the report suggestions, review began of England Births & Christenings, 1538-1975 looking for additional information on Mighill/Michall/Mychell/Mighell line. Thanks so much to all involved! We have also heard that we will be kept up-to-date on the Anne Greene research project. With the holidays now behind us, we’ll be reviewing the reports with a keen eye and picking up the project. Volunteers interested in the English Tenney’s research project are welcome to contact us!

We have been contacted by the Newburyport Preservation Trust (NPT) requesting potential assistance in the Trust’s efforts to preserve Richard & son Daniel I. Tenney’s Newburyport home. Our friend and Director of Newburyport Custom House Maritime Museum, referred NPT to us. We are standing by to assist NPT anyway we can. Thanks for the referral!

Summer 2014 Tenney Times  

Brought to our attention is exciting horse racing information prior to this year’s Triple Crown attempt – California Chrome won the 1st two races – the Derby and Preakness, and was a favorite to take the Belmont for the ultimate prize in horse racing. Why, you ask am I mentioning this? Well, California Chrome has a Tenney connection – his trainer, Art Sherman worked with Mesh Tenney (Vol.II) and 1955 Kentucky Derby winner Swaps (Vol. I). Although California Chrome didn’t pull off the Triple, it was exciting to watch “our” horse (and Mr. Sherman) making front-page news and bringing Mesh & Swaps into the “spotlight” again!

We continue our “work” on the English Tenney’s research project: Utilizing NEHGS member benefits to meet with Chief Genealogist, David Dearborn this past Spring. He suggested finding Thomas Mighill’s relatives. We are also arranging additional consultation sessions with other experts. Received from Mighill descendants, a copy of “Early Mighell History” (we’re still working on sourcing this first person account). The lineage information on Mighill line has been processed and Gale Ion Harris’ NEHGS articles are almost complete. Although most of the Mighill/Mighell information currently being worked on has not led us to Ann, her ancestors or how she met Thomas (yet), in building on the line, we are finding the furthest back Mighill/Mighell common ancestor is Ann’s nephew, John Mighill – so far, the three lines we have connect to Ann’s brother, Deacon Thomas Mighill’s eldest son, John. If you have information on the Mighill/Mighell side of the family, please contact us!

An interesting follow-up on a DNA Project inquiry comes from a member who joined National Geographic’s Genographic Project. He received results from DNA samples he submitted and now has his ancient matrilineal and patrilineal evolutionary travels and Genome

numbers. He also knows his “ancient ancestry” consists of North European, Mediterranean, Southwest Asian and Neanderthal. To learn more about this project, check out www.genographic.com. Some thoughts we have been considering include – would samples from “several” Tenney’s confirm similar or near identical ancestry info? How far could we extend our knowledge of our ancestry? Please contact us if you are interested in learning more.

Following the last newsletter, we were reminded of the Ellis Island website. We also received updates from our OBBG landscaping friends regarding maintenance. It’s really awful to see what’s happening – in only 3 MONTHS!

We received a request for information on Lionel Tenney and his wife, Mary Smith (descendant of MA pioneer Isaac Clark). The request is regarding a “forgotten painter”, Mary Rogers Williams who ran Smith College’s art department and resided at the Tenney House in Northampton. Williams painted a portrait of Mary Tenney in 1895 that “wandered off” and it is believed the painting has once again been located. UPDATE: Not only has the portrait been found, it has also been obtained! It is now at the Smith Art Museum and may be included in the Mary Williams Exhibition opening at Florence Griswold Museum in CT. We have an open invitation to visit, if interested, please contact me for additional details. And if anyone has photos or info on Lionel and Mary (Smith) Tenney’s history, let us know! Thanks to all involved for a very interesting “project”.

We have received inquiries and new information during April, May, June and July regarding Progenitor Thomas Tenney’s English ancestry; more articles on a Lathrop line; lineage on Marilyn Jane Tenney; cemetery info in a SAR application preparation; and additional info on Pleasant S. Williams marriage to “Minnie” (Tenney) Coleman. Thanks to all!

Updates on previous “notable” inquiries – received wonderful photo’s of the Howard family’s great-grandmother Daisy and grandmother Louise, research continues to ID Tenney Family; a father’s military info; our Aussie friends sent details of their England trip last fall; details of the 2013 England trip is temporarily on hold (we’re thinking of you both!).

We’ve received an offer of assistance in two “Seeking Assistance” requests; still hoping to hear back from another offer of assistance regarding Jasper B. Tenney. Also have received additional info regarding Tressie V. Tenney and Virgil Ray Tenney, Jr. How great that we can make progress on the “Seeking Assistance” requests! Thanks SO much everyone!!!

Under “new finds” – Burial information has been located for Hananiah Derrick Tenney and Harriet Esther (Foot) Tenney via Find-A-Grave, great “new” info! An article submitted regarding the donation of Abraham Lincoln’s school “slate” to the Illinois Historic Preservation Agency by descendants of Caleb Hazel, one of Lincoln’s teachers. Descendants listed in article include a Tenney. Several obits of Tenney’s and spouses; also located is a wonderful active website “Poling-St. Clair Funeral Home, Inc.” which includes obit postings of Tenney’s and articles on several NY Tenney’s, which it turns out, are connected to us. Really appreciate the “keen eyes” locating all things Tenney! And to everyone for sharing their “finds”!

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