Old Bradford Burial Ground (OBBG) – Association members work with local community volunteers to help maintain, clean up and advise of issues arising, such as storm damage on a regular basis. The Association cooperates with the City, Friends Of OBBG and the local community on activities such as historical research of the cemetery; ground penetrating radar process; clean-up “parties”; on-going maintenance including mowing, weed removal, repair of damaged areas, tree removal; placing a monument in recognition of our progenitor, Thomas Tenney at the site of family graves; and obtaining National Register of Historical Places recognition. This project has been supported since 2000.

Tenney Family DNA – Association members with an interest in genetics are encouraged to participate in the Tenney Family DNA Project. Early project objectives include discovering our deep migratory pre-history and how our ancestors came to be in England and “proving” the accuracy of our Y-DNA (male) genetic and written genealogical histories. Future objectives will include a similar study of our mtDNA (female) lineage.  This project has been supported since 2015.

Genealogy – Family, Historical or Scholastic researchers with interest in the Tenney Family genealogy/history can seek research assistance, guidance, and work with the Association Genealogist as an informational resource, updating family genealogy, contributing family lineage & history to Association database and published histories. Through the genealogist, the Association maintains a database of over 7,000 listings. Publications of Tenney Family Genealogical History have been printed in 1891, 1904 and 2004. This project has been supported since 1984.

Special Project Fund – Each year at the Annual Business Meeting, assembled members select the activity or project to be awarded the status ofSpecial Project for the ensuing fiscal year, as well as determining donation matching fund options. Past Special Projects include the James & Thankful (Shippee) Tinney cabin restoration, Cemetery Headstone Preservation, erection of the Thomas Tenney Monument, Maintenance of OBBG, Maintenance and Digitization of the Archives. This fund has been supported since 2006.

Lifetime & Benefactor Membership Fund – This fund is comprised of the one-time membership fees paid by members and is used to fund special projects or worthwhile causes in keeping with the purpose of Association Bylaws. Monies may also be used as a reserve or emergency fund to meet Association obligations. This fund has been supported since prior to 2005.