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Fall 2018

As mentioned, the OBBG Headstone restoration project will continue as our FY 2018-2019 Special Project. We are close to full funding for Phase I, but still need generous donations to get us across the finish line!

Examples of the on-going damage to stones! This is 1st generation John Tenney’s footstone in OBBG.

Photo taken 2013 – courtesy J. Tenney

Photo taken of stone pieces 2018 – courtesy B. Tenney

Photo taken of remaining stone 2018 – courtesy of B. Tenney.

This is one among the many stones in OBBG that have seriously deteriorated in recent years – some no longer have legible transcriptions, some are buried, some are leaning. Time is of essence in saving stones! As previously mentioned, once our funding goals are reached, the OBBG Team anticipates scheduling work late Spring or early summer 2019. This means we would repair/restore 11 stones, reset 10 – 15 stones to prevent further damage and clean 20 stones. A total of 41- 46 stones, just in our 1st Phase!!

Winter 2019

Our fabulous landscaper has provided a major boost to the project. In November, Erik and his team reset 57 stones in OBBG!!



The first row of photos shows the extent to which these stones were in danger of further damage. The second row of photos shows the increased stability created by the resetting work. These photos were taken by the team.

Our local liaison bravely faced terrible winter weather conditions to identify and photograph the individual stones. Once we had the stone locations determined, we were able to identify the stones. While research is still underway, we have been able to determine that the reset stones include the following families: AYER, CARLETON, DAY, EAMES, GAGE, KIMBALL, LINDALL, MULLICKEN, WOODMAN and WYMAN. Some of the stones are known allied family stones, the research underway involves determining lineage connections, updating OBBG files and including in the Master Project file. The photos of the individual stones also need to be identified which we hope to be able to complete in the Spring, weather permitting, or late May.

Anyone interested in learning more about this special Project, assisting in identifying the above family names, please contact the project team at president@tenneyfamily.org