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Peterson-LandscapingOBBG Update – TENNEY TIMES, Fall 2013

Maintenance – Our ANGELS, Peterson Landscaping, continue to keep the grounds looking good. They did a clean-up In May and June whereby brush was cut and stacked and the grass near headstones was trimmed.

Although they wish they could do more, they are only able to mow and clean up about once a month, as they are unable to absorb the cost since they are doing the same for Pentucket Cemetery in Haverhill.  They are performing both these services gratis.

City – The Peterson’s presented a proposal to the Mayor. The Mayor is bringing it to the DPW for review.  Writing a grant for such monies was discussed with the Mayor as well.

Brightside – They are also sending a request to Brightside for the 2013 maintenance of both burial grounds.

fallen-treeThe Peterson’s request that any TFA thoughts, funds, advice, help, ideas, advice or leads for funding be forwarded to them. They thank TFA for our past help.

These Peterson folks are truly ANGELS. Is there any way TFA and Allied Families can help out?


Early Issues & Clean-Up at OBBG 2006 – 2008

The cleanup, preservation and research being done at the Bradford Burial Ground have been the work of many different people and groups over the years. It would be impossible for anyone to name all of the volunteers and benefactors throughout the years but we would still like to thank all of those unnamed heroes and say thank you! (Courtesy of Chris, 2009)  



Broken Stones



The next few photos are devoted to some of the problems currently facing the Bradford Burial Ground. As you can see, in the two photos above, there are still parts of the grounds that need to be attended to. But don’t lose heart. As you can see in the before and after photos, clean-up is well under way! (photos courtesy of Chris, 2009)

Some before & after photos……. 2006-2008 (Courtesy of Chris, 2009)







One of the first Clean-Up missions by TFA members – 2007

Volunteers seeking location of Thomas Tenney’s stone begin preliminary clearing measures which caused a neighbor to call the local authorities. As the photographs show, the team and local police were quite amicable at the end.